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Our integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) services help you cut through the functional silos and view an integrated picture of governance challenges, risks to be planned and mitigated, and the compliance issues that must be monitored and managed. Our VividXpress methodology facilitates effective phased implementation of GRC services. It enables the C-suite to make informed decisions that protect the organization and drive process efficiency. Our long term vision is to make risk visibility to all levels of the Organization to make it truly a "Risk Aware Enterprise".

Enterprise Governance, Risk & Compliance Services
Organizations are faced with many challenges in current business environment. While a global business presence opens up a wide level-playing field, it also brings forth challenges like a) complying with complex legal, financial, and other regulations; b) being aware of multi-dimensional risks; and c) need for robust processes that protect the organization from uncertainties and maintain its integrity. The top management needs to review and manage the following continuously: Governance - Alignment of Processes and Goals of the organization Risk – Risk Management that include identifying, analyzing, monitoring, and managing risks Compliance – Adherence to applicable rules and regulations

The executive as well as middle management across various functions within an organization, like Legal, Internal Audit, Compliance, IT, HR and Finance is entrusted with the responsibility to maintain and monitor GRC processes as well as manage data that may be used by the C-suite to drives the decisions. That’s easier said than done because of challenges, such as geographically diverse teams, multiple regulatory jurisdictions, complicated business models and large ecosystem of third parties. Added to this, usually Functions work in silos, with disconnected processes and data, which results in an incomplete and outdated picture to the top management, opening the risk of delayed or worse flawed decisions. An integrated GRC application eliminates these risks by enabling organizations to streamline their review and oversight processes, improve cost rationalization and optimization of the company’s Audit and Risk management investment. It further helps increase efficiency by using a common language and structure on audits, controls, risks, processes and issues, thereby, leading to increased effectiveness and efficiency in Audit, Risk and Compliance Management.
Take a look at how an integrated GRC solution can bring you closer to achieving your business goals.

Our MetricStream GRC practice offers the following best-in-class services:

VividEdge Consultants help you map this journey by leveraging their number of years of experience in tailoring GRC application and implementing it in client’s specific context. VividEdge partners with MetricStream to implement a robust and a trusted GRC tool specially aligned to your organization’s structure and processes.

MetricStream Product Suite Upgrade
Our Product Suite upgrade strategy provides a definitive advantage to upgrade endeavour. We stand unique compared to other system integration or consulting firms. Our upgrade execution mantra is to - Analyze, Plan, Retrofit or Retire or Restructure, Upgrade and Support.