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Case Study - Global End-to-End Process Design Engagement
Vivid Edge was involved in a end to end process design engagement at a global client. The client's senior management team knew its current operating model was not optimal and had some initial strategies on potential improvements. As they approached their annual business strategy and planning process, they recognized the need for a comprehensive assessment of its global supply chain operations.Read more..

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Sourcing & Procurement
Integrating with suppliers is a critical piece of the supply chain network. To be effective, companies must integrate with collaborative trading consortiums and trading partner networks. Our services in this area include spend analysis, sourcing & procurement organizational and process design, supplier selection and exploring ways to automate procurement.

Collaborative Commerce
Companies are now less vertically integrated as they face worldwide competitive pressures and the demand for the best value from their supply chain. Traditional procurement activities are now shifting to be performed by your trading partners in the value chain network. Our experts in collaborative commerce solutions can offer industry best processes and decision making frameworks for today's marketplace.

Product Life Cycle and Product Data Management
As the importance of speed-to-market increases, many companies need to review their product and data life cycle management processes. Among the top challenges in this area, attention is given to change management, document management integration and product life cycle collaboration, as well as focusing on advanced data management technologies that can greatly accelerate your processes. We also address the requirements for after-sales services as this area is one of the fastest growing revenue sources for most industries.

Supply Chain Planning, Scheduling & Optimization
Integrating all components within the demand-to-fulfillment chain gives companies the competitive advantage they need. Leveraging integrated Advanced Planning Systems (APS) optimizes decision-making and lets companies manage constraints in line with business priorities. We can provide you with effective deployment scenarios to best enable these solutions to seamlessly collaborate with your key trading partners.

Supply Chain and After-Market Services Execution
We understand that companies are further focusing on reducing costs within the supply chain, while improving their control over it. Our experts can help you achieve manufacturing, logistics and after-market services excellence. Examples of our services include shop floor operations/integration, vendor/supplier managed inventory , after-market services optimization and supply chain/service operations monitoring.