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Our Value Points
Vivid ESD
  • Flexible and scalabe
  • Roadmap to multi-site implementation
  • Demands Justification to RICEW
  • Faster ROI
  • Reduced TCO
  • The backbone for any application management service offering
  • Creation of knowledge assets which are relevant and reusable at all times
  • Readiness to assess impact of Change Request
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Engagement Approach
We resort to communication basics in our dealings with our clients. We LISTEN to our client needs. We EDUCATE on how we could address them. We work with clients to collaboratively PLAN the implementation. We partner to EXECUTE. Last but not least, we thrive to TRANSITION to clients in efforts to make them self reliant.

Integrated Delivery Model
Our model delivers significant benefits, driving business value optimization through deep and distributed product & vertical industry knowledge coupled with process expertise, keeping clients investment/overheads to the minimum. Key drivers of the model are well defined processes/ Standard operating procedures on work & skill distribution, Quality management , program management , risk mitigation and dash-boards. These dashboards along with communication plan gives the complete visibility of ongoing work to our customers.

Methodology - Vivid ESD (Enterprise Solution Deployment)
Vivid ESD is an exceptionally flexible and scalable implementation methodology designed to meet constant changes such as acquisitions, divestitures or any other, without regard to size and complexity. Extreme reusability, IT Governance, Processes commonality & risk mitigation are the corner stones of this methodology. Vivid ESD empowers its customers to manage the future rollouts using implementation assets during initial phases. Methodology enforces creation of framework/roadmap for multi-site implementation which is in alignment with your enterprise's future vision. It encourages Implementation of Governance structure which drives the commonality across solution for faster Implementation/Rollout and reduction in TCO.

VividKR - Vivid Knowledge Repository
An approach which not only updates & streamlines the knowledge assets of an Enterprise but also keeps them relevant during the entire life cycle of application. Knowledge assets created by this approach are leveraged during implementation (in all Testing events) and during rollout as well as post production testing and support. It is very highly instrumental in addressing reusability, standardizing testing and support processes, reducing cost, eliminating uncertainity and increase confidence in systems and processes.