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VividWay - Global Implementation Methodology -Toolkit
Vivid Edge has developed a methodology, which suits the Global Clients as the demand for common processes, tools, services and method of implementation are different. Global Implementation Mehodology will create cohesive processes, documentation while implementing packaged applications, so that most of the outcome can be reusable across the board to reap standardization, lower costs, greater visibility, good governance and scalability.

GIM Objectives

  • Enable the Organization to capture the Global Vision
  • Places a Goverance structure which drives the commonality across solution
  • Faster Implementation/ Rollout
  • Commonality / Faster Implementation drives down the TCO across the life cycle of Oracle Application
VividWay - Knowledge Repository /Toolkit
An approach for rolling out Application Testing and Support Services, based on Release Management Best Practices and AIM (Application Implementation Methodology)

  • Drive Global Consistency in most of the processes
  • Enforcing standards in testing and support
  • Speedup the process of setting up testing and support services globally
  • Create Knowledge Repository that fulfills more than one objective
  • Reduce the cost of testing and operational support